bird mitigation devices

The man snatched the bird’s natural home centuries ago and birds are found in the residential gardens, garage, roofs, and the holes in the areas now that proffers shelter for their young one. Mostly, the pigeon nesting under solar panels. The birds under the solar panel feel at ease because it provides shelter to them. Birds under the solar panel are not an issue but their roosting, fight, dropping can cause damage to the wires. Pigeon nesting under solar panels may cause a short circuit due to the water. Short circuited may cause a fire so that we block the path for the birds under the solar panel.

Birds Mitigation devices:

The birds are the common creature that is found here and there, on the residential, restaurant’s roofs, in the garages, and on the terrace. The gardens are the commonplace that the birds like very much. If we talk about the gardens, probably the ripe fruits are eaten by them or they may attack the crops to fulfil the need for the food. To ward off the situation, bird mitigation plays a vital role. The bird’s mitigation devices not harmed the birds but prevent the place from them. Some of the bird’s mitigation devices include:

Enviro spike Bid spike: The enviro spike has a length of 5 feet. They have drilled holes so their installation is quite easier. As these are 5 inches wides, they cover more area than the stainless steel spikes.

Repellent disk: The repellent disks act as birds mitigation devices. These are the reflecting devices that confused the birds when they come near or scare them due to their reflecting body. These are also used in the garden as decoration pieces.

Bird Lice Treatment:

Anyone that remains close to the birds, or they have pets, there is the probability that the lice and mite that are parasitic host on the bird’s wings and feather cause the diseases in the human’s body. The lice are the parasites that need the blood of the bird to complete their life cycle that is nearly 7 days and in turn, it causes itching in the bird’s body and makes them restless. These are residents of the bird’s body as they require a warm body. The lice can also fall on the human skin and can bite them. The bird’s lice cannot complete their life cycle on the human’s body but biting may cause redness swelling and pus in the respective areas. Both for the bird and the human, the bird lice treatment is necessary. The bird lice treatment is proper handled y the pest controller. PYRETHRIN spray is a very toxic chemical but is very effective in bird lice treatment,  it is sprayed carefully on the bird’s wings and feathers to remove or kill the lice. Moreover, in the nests, or around the bird’s nest, many insecticidal chemicals have sprayed the decrease the lice growth. The spraying is done at regular interval of time.

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