In every of the thing there is an advancement has been done to make work even easier so in grapples. We all knew and must be familiar about an old kind of grapples been attached with a cranes for several kind of working, like there were sharp grapple for drilling and doing large dig which was done by the watch with axe through hands of labours which takes long working hours and then for pulling up all the hard rocks, sand and gravel we might have to use tractor which takes out and further working can be done. When it comes to construction which is one of the largest industry among all industries in every country, has a lot advancement. I am not going to give all the credits to one company or a single group of companies because it is really a joint efforts and many minds when strive together for making construction work easier and faster than intellectual comes up with great ideas which when polished and implemented so then it becomes a technology which we adopted. 


In an addition, let us talk about grapples today, so the grapple are the part of a crane through which we can take different kind of work from which some of them were defined in above paragraph. Now, the problem was that there were not as such grapples through which we can take other works too like for which we needed to hire the tractor or other similar kind of heavy machinery which lifts up all the wastages that means double the cost. In order to remove this inconveniences engineers presents several kind of grapples instead of changing the machinery, now all you has to do is to change the grapples of the crane and take various kind of work from the single crane (heavy machinery). 


Moreover, technology and an advancement does not stops here, now there are rotating log grapples, rotating grab and demolition grab available with hydraulics which makes works more smoother and faster than before. Well, we can talk a lot about these advancement and also we can search a lot about it over an internet but the problem comes there is that where to hire and get these machinery equipment because there are very less companies who makes and offers such kind of grapples and the one who deals in this will charged a lot, also it is about reliability too. 

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