We all are very much aware of the significance of caravans, and we all are aware of the usage of it. For some it’s the carriage for the circus and for some it is a home, where they can actually live and enjoy their lives. Anyways, Caravans are still considered as the most desirable thing especially for the travellers. So let’s discuss few of the most common caravans which all of us have seen somewhere or somehow

Conventional caravans: Conventional caravans as the name suggest are the most common and basic types of the caravans. It’s like a full body caravan with three to 4 solid walls and full height of the hood, which means one can easily stand in a caravan without bending, usually the length of the caravan is up to 15 meters totally depending on the size, moreover, the tyres are also attached behind (with spare wheels). The basic features are there in conventional caravans such as: cooking area and kitchen which a small shelf. Moreover the sizes are available such as: three bedroom caravan or two beds.

Tent Caravan trailer: this is something more portable and light weight as compared to the conventional caravan and can be easily pulled by a normal car. Usually used by the families for picnic and other normal get together. It is cheaper, more convenient and very commonly used among the list of caravans for sale in Melbourne.

Top up caravans: certainly as the name suggests, it has some more room on the head, which means one can easily enhance the room space above the head, rest functions are exactly like a conventional caravan. Which means that a conventional caravan is something similar to top up caravan but, top up caravan has more head space. This portable roof thing can easily handle the space issue, for instance: if the space is narrow one can just easily narrow down the roof of the caravan and handle the situation such as: parking inside the garage or anything. Visit https://www.ourvanrv.com.au/parts_accessories.html for caravan parts melbourne.

Pop out trailers: this is something which provides additional space for the bed without ruining the overall bedroom space inside the caravan. Usually this is used by the large families where things get congested and pop out trailers can save the day very easily. Moreover, it is a bit expensive form of a caravan where room space is ample.

Similarly there are ample types available in the market which solves the purpose of a caravan and are considered as different types of caravans. Such as: Camper caravan and above all the largest caravan is known as the fifth caravan which is considered as the luxury, it has expandable windows and shelves which can solve the issue of space quite easily.

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