People have become so involved in their daily lives that they barely find a time to rest or spend with their family members. The engagement increases even more when single person owns multiple buildings and properties but he does not find enough time to manage all of those properties. In such scenarios, he obviously cannot leave the property unchecked and without any proper management so he finds such a company or group of people whom he can entrust his property to. Even though the ownership remains in the hand of the owner but that particular property is managed and maintained by the management company. There are various departments of each management company; each of these departments specialises in their own restive areas. These departments vary from the garden maintenance in Sydney department to landscape management department. In this article, we will be discussing about the fact that how does building management differ from the facility management services.

Building management:

We know that building management has something to do with the management of the building but what kind of a management is this is going to be discussed in this article. Basically, building management deals with the management of the whole building through the computer systems. In this process, all of the electrical systems like lightening, air conditioning and ventilation systems are handled by the computer systems. Moreover, security systems, CCTV footage and other such systems are handled by the building management department. Most importantly, the working of lifts is continuously checked through the monitor systems and if any abruption is found then immediate actions are taken. Smoke and fire alarms are also keep in check by the building management department.

Facility management:

Facility management is that department of the management company which also manages and maintains the building or property but in different ways. Facility management services include the services like fixation of the broken parts of the building, washing of the graffiti from the walls or car sweeping. Facility management and building management both can be categorised under the heading of the commercial property management. Even though the departments differ in their functioning but the main purpose behind this whole concept remains the same which us the maintenance and management of the building as a whole.


Property management or specifically commercial property management is the process of maintaining and managing the building or property. Various departments of management work together to provide the complete services of commercial property management these departments vary from building management to facility management. Even though both of these departments deal with the management of the property but their way of functions and focus points are different. Building management is related to the handling or managing of the building’s lightening, lifts, camera systems and other such things from the computer room. On the other hand, facility management deals with the provision of basic facilities like repairing, security, etc. “CGS facilities management” offers the best services of building management as well as facilities management.

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